SDR Transceiver and Receiver Switch Antenna Sharer TR Switch Box with Gas Discharge Protection 160MHz

SDR Transceiver and Receiver Switch Antenna Sharer TR Switch Box with Gas Discharge Protection 160MHz

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Specification:Impedance: 50╬®Frequency range: DC -160MHzMaximum TX power: 100WRF sense threshold:<10mW (1.8MHz-30MHz tested)ON time: < 20ms / Release time: < 190msInsertion loss: < 0.3dB @ 144MHz (0.2dB typical)RX isolation: > 38dB...


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Impedance: 50╬®
Frequency range: DC -160MHz
Maximum TX power: 100W
RF sense threshold:<10mW (1.8MHz-30MHz tested)
ON time: < 20ms / Release time: < 190ms
Insertion loss: < 0.3dB @ 144MHz (0.2dB typical)
RX isolation: > 38dB @ 144MHz (40dB  typical)
Gas discharge protection
Power supply: 13.8V DC 200mA
Weight: 430g
Size: 126*119*52MM

How to use one antenna at the same time for the radio and SDR:

1. This sharer is a shared antenna between the radio and the SDR. After receiving the goods, open the box, remove the 'jumper' in the middle, and change it to an automatic control state, that is: when the radio is transmitting, the SDR receiving channel is automatically closed, and the radio When not transmitting, the radio receives the signal together with the SDR.
2. The jacks in front of the panel do not need to be wired, and the distributed PTT line does not need to be connected.
3. The rear jacks correspond to the power supply (VDC) interface, the radio (RADIO) interface, the SDR interface, and the antenna (ANTENNA) interface, respectively, and connect to the feeder according to each interface.
4. It is recommended to use the feeder with good shielding performance and cover it with a magnetic ring.
5. It is recommended that the sharer and the radio shell be grounded, because the radio may interfere with the SDR when transmitting.
6. After removing the jumper in the box, it is normal that the TRXlight on the panel is always on red; when the radio is not transmitting, the SDR on the panel is green and it is in normal working state; when the radio is transmitting, the SDR light on the panel will be off, and the SSB will follow the idea of communication. It is normal for the sound to change, the indicator light to flash and the relay to make a sound.

Package included:

1 x Host
1 x Power cord
1 x 3.60cm SMA to SMA connecting line
1 x PTT control line