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UNA6 Plus 200W 12A LiPo Battery Balance Charger for 2-6S LiPo Battery

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UN-A6 Plus is an upgrade version of the previous successful UN-A6 Charger. Might be you have not heard of UNRC but their chargers are very famous in China R/C industry for the price and quality in the field of Li-Po Charger.

This is an Intelligent Parallel Charger for Li-Po / Li-ion / Li-Fe. Its intelligent design does not work like those old style balance chargers (eg. iMax B6) which always discharge and recharge the battery in order to make all the cells balanced (this is just very stupid and wasting time). Instead of that, UNA6+ Charger will monitor the voltage of each cell and stop charging that particular cell when it is full while other cells will continue to be charged until they are full.


New Features: The new UNA6PLUS+ extension of the performance of the old A6 plus, and made the following improvements:

– Using new algorithm, improve the efficiency of charging again.
– Add the data set, charging voltage and charging current can quickly call, avoid complicated settings.
– Join the battery, battery voltage can be balanced to set an arbitrary value, the maximum balance current 2.5A.
– This product comes standard with a balanced port adapter plate.
Main Characteristics of UN-A6:
– Voltage accuracy: positive and negative 2mV, current accuracy: 0.1A, each battery voltage deviation just charge finished less than 5mV
– 2S to 6S polymer lithium battery voltage charging
– 3 groups 2S lithium polymer battery, 2 groups of 3S lithium polymer battery group and a group of 6S polymer lithium battery
– Input overvoltage, reverse connection reverse protection function
– Output six independent charging circuit without mutual interference
– Large LCD screen display various voltage and charging current
– CPU detected a voltage reaches the preset value, the road to stop charging, no overcharge hidden danger
– Maximum charging current of 5A (0.3A-5A adjustable)
– Charging voltage can be defined by the user (voltage correction function, 1.5V-4.2V adjustable)
– Lithium nanny extended interface
– Automatic control gear of large cooling fan
– Input: DC 12V-15V / 12A
– Color: Black
– Product Size (L x W x H): 165 x 125 x 51mm

Packaging included:

1xUN-A6 Plus Charger


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