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XLPOWER MSH Protos 700X RC Helicopter Kit With Double Belt Drive Support 6-8mm Motor Shafts 30T Tail Pulley

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The 700X STD is upgrade version from protos max v2.It  was born from a passionate group of engineers and pilots trying to make a machine that’s really something special.  We wanted something that could easily fly several hundred hard flights with nearly zero maintenance.  Something that looked stunning, but had a focused purpose for every element in the design. We wanted to create something that you can’t wait to fly everyday. Without inhibition. The Protos 700X STD is a stunning feat of engineering at an incredible value.  We hope you enjoy it  as much as we do.


  • Innovative gear-less  twin belt design. Ultra robust.  Ultra quiet. Ultra efficient.
  • Ultra strong 15mm motor belt.  Ultra long belt life.
  • Support all 6-8mm motor shaft.
  • Tail belt auto tensioner using a full spring implementation for extreme durability and consistency. Capable of handling the hardest stops and most aggressive styles
  • Large rear tail pulley to dramatically improve tail authority and belt life
  • One piece nylon (fiberglass and elastomeric reinforced) landing gear with only 2 screws.  Allows for quick field replacements
  • Dedicated battery tray for quick pack replacements.  Ample room for various pack sizes while achieving optimal CG. Easily fits the largest 14s setups
  • Compact all metal head design with integrated pitch reference.  Capable of handling extreme loads in an 800 configuration.
  • New zero play  swashplate makes your flight more presice
  • Single piece robust tail box to facilitate ease of changing tail belts
  • Ultra robust single piece composite plastic bottom frame.  Protects battery packs, while dramatically reducing part count
  • Integrated canopy cut outs for ESC and motor ventilation
  • Special oval shape in the main head feathering shaft housing dramatically improves the life of the dampeners
  • Composite plastic tail grips designed to handle extreme overspeed maneuvers with minimum vibration.  Integrated counter weights to improve the tail servo performance while reducing loads
  • Ultimate tail holding power and ease of tuning with a 4.8 ratio and mechanics to handle 115mm tail blades at high RPM
  • Giant sprag one way bearing located in the main gear pulley. Capable of maintenance free operation with the most extreme pilots
  • Low cost optional upgrade to a full blown 800 class model

FrameSupport frame made in 2mm carbon fiber and aluminum.
Bottom frame made in one-piece high quality thermoplastic material
System transmissionTwin belt drive system.  Motor belt is 15mm wide .  Tail belt is 6mm
Usable main blades700mm -726mm (stock boom)
750mm-800mm (with 800 conversion kit)
Battery OptionsLiPo from 10s to 14s 4000/5500mAh
Battery compartment dimensions70mmx60mmx360mm
Suggested batteryLipo 12s 5000mAh
Main rotor diameter1577mm (with 700mm blades)
1777mm (with 800mm blades)
Tail rotor diameter306mm (with 115mm tail blades)
Total length without blades1372mm
Total length with blades1758mm (with 700mm blades)
1858mm (with 800mm blades)
Main shaft diameter12mm hollow
Tail shaft diameter6mm
Swashplate servos3x standard servos
(to use the precision clutch style servo horns provided inside the kit it is necessary that servo shaft is compatible with Futaba,  Savox)
JR compatible servo hubs available as an upgrade part
Tail servo1x standard servo
Maximum dimension of main blade root14mm M5 screw
Maximum dimension of tail blade root5mm M3 screw
Teeth pinion20T included (18T, 19T, 21T, 22T optional).  Supports 6mm and 8mm motor shafts.
Main pulley teeth190T
Tail ratio4.8:1
Tail boom diameter27mm
Spindle diameter10mm

Needed for assembly:

  • 3 full size swash servos, 1 full size tail servo
  • Main rotor blades (690 – 716mm)
  • Tail blades (105 – 115mm.  115mm preferred for aggressive flight or low headspeeds)
  • Transmitter/Receiver
  • 700 class Motor (480-540kV 12s), 14s optional. Supports both 6mm and 8mm shaft diameter
  • 12s LiPo (5000mah typical). 14s LiPo (4400mah typical)
  • BEC (preferred). Or RX LiPo.
  • ESC (120A – 200A, 12s to 14s.  Depending on the power system chosen and flight style)

Package Included:

1x Helicopter Kit


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