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Hp39 Graphing Calculator Sat / Ap Exam Scientific Designated Computer For Children’s Science Mathematical Physics calculated

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Hp39gii Graphing Calculator Sat / Ap Exam Scientific Calculator Designated Computer For Children’s Science Mathematical Physics

100% Original 39GII Calculato r,NOT FAKE NOT COPY! Packing Desrciption

One Original 39GII Calculator(as pictures)

One USB AM to mini 5P cord

Note : 
1:Language exchange:HP39GII, first press SHIFT, then press Home and then press F2, then select up and down to adjust Chinese and English.
2:The battery is contraband, not within the scope of delivery. The manual is in Chinese and will not be sent. If you need the manual, please leave a message to me for your e-mail account. I will send you an electronic manual!

Mathematical and scientific learning and imaging tools mathematics, basic algebra, algebra, trigonometry, calculus, statistics, geometry, biology, chemistry, physics, earth science, etc. The emergence of the HP 39gII graphing calculator is the key to helping students learn, learn and learn. And visual mathematics. The classroom graphing calculator saves your actions and can be used with others later. Leverage common algebraic data input to solve various problem symbols, digital and graphical views on paper to solve problems and learn interactive recording to view and process data, and learn to easily create and use the application application calculator’s user interface and Built-in English and English help Chinese.
1: Built-in application libraries, scientific constants and widgets can help you solve complex problems. The development of symbols, numbers and graphics has led to a better understanding of complex mathematical concepts.
2: Built-in library, using unit conversion of physical constants in mathematical science and storing
3: Easy-to-read display, challenged with HP solvers and applications, efficient design
4: Math students can save your actions and use them with others later.
5: Press the button to switch between views.
6: Use the slide cover.
7: Only one battery is needed in an emergency.
Input system logic algebra LCD display, Display size: 256×128 pixels, adjustable contrast.
Memory 256 Kb User storage AAA x 4, Can run a battery shutdown protection is / automatically turn off the power after 3 minutes
User Guide Size: 18.7 x 9.4 x 3.1CM
Weight: 247g
Drawing function: 2D
Drawing: functional equations, coordinate equations, parametric equations; Split screen: graph and table, front and rear zoom map: histogram, box plot, normal probability, two-dimensional function, straight line, arrangement; find the intersection, extreme value, slope, area of the two curves; Other +, -, x, ̻̈̈̈,1 / x, In, ex,yx, LOG, 10x, x2,! ; ;angle conversion: angle, radians, data management system; fraction; trigonometric/anti-triangular function; numerical integration method, differential, summation; root search, rounding based on:
edit and save the list Standard sample, mean; population standard deviation; combination, arrangement; weighted average; curve fitting (straight line, logarithm, exponential, power, exponential power, regression analysis, quadratic equation, cubic equation, quadratic equation); probability distributed