433-458MHz UHF DTU RS485 Bus RF Serial Port UART Transceiver Module for Smart Meter PTZ Camera PLC Modbus

433-458MHz UHF DTU RS485 Bus RF Serial Port UART Transceiver Module for Smart Meter PTZ Camera PLC Modbus


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Description:Working voltage: 4.5V-5.5V;Interface : RS485(5V GND A+ B-)Frequency: 433MHzTransmit power: -40~+20dBm;Receiver sensitivity: -114dBm;Operating temperature: -25Ôäâ~+75Ôäâ;Transparent transmission mode baud rate :1200 2400,4800,9600(Default),19200;Open ground Transmission distance : 500MSize(without antenna): 74x24x16mmWeight(without antenna):18gModule features: Long-distance...


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Working voltage: 4.5V-5.5V;
Interface : RS485(5V GND A+ B-)
Frequency: 433MHz
Transmit power: -40~+20dBm;
Receiver sensitivity: -114dBm;
Operating temperature: -25Ôäâ~+75Ôäâ;
Transparent transmission mode baud rate :1200 2400,4800,9600(Default),19200;
Open ground Transmission distance : 500M
Size(without antenna): 74x24x16mm
Weight(without antenna):18g

Module features:
Long-distance wireless transmission (up to 500 meters in open area , 10kbps baud rate in the air )
Operating frequency range ( 433 - 458.5MHz , up to 255 communication channels)
Maximum 100mW ( 20dBm ) transmit power ( 10 levels of power can be set )
Built-in MCU, use serial port to communicate with external devices
Send 31 bytes at a time
The module can support one-to-one, one-to-many transparent transmission communication through ID setting Changing the baud rate of a different serial port will synchronously change the rate at which data is sent over the air. ( 10kbps-100kbps)
Set the ''critical three minutes''. The module can send and receive data normally within three minutes of power-on. You can send the AT command '' AT+ENABLE=1 '' to make the module enter the AT command state for parameter setting. There is only this reserved word in these three minutes. After more than three minutes, you will not be able to enter the AT command mode, you can only send and receive data, '' AT+ENABLE=1'' will also be sent out as data, there are no reserved words at this time.
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Recommend to buy more than 2pcs!!!

How to use (>=2pcs):

1 2PCS,Module 1 and Module 2 send data to each other.
2 >=3PCS,One as master device, the other as will be as slave device.
the way they work as well as wired RS485 bus. Master device transmit data, Slave devices all receive data.Any slave device transmit data, master device and the other slave devices can receive .When ever only allowed one device (master or slave) to transmit data.

IP PTZ Camera
Modbus modbus temperature sensor
LED Controller
R4D3C32 N4D8B08 N4D8C12 RS485 Relay
Remote control, remote measurement system;
Wireless meter ;
Smart Home,Home Automation ,Wiser Home;
Access control ;
Smart meter
Identification system ;
Data collection;
IT household appliance ;
Intelligence household appliance;
Baby monitoring system;

Package inlcuded:

1 x 433M-458M VHF/UHF Radio Modem RS485 transceiver(With shell)