2-way Ethernet Relay Network Switch Delay TCPUDP Module Controller WeChat Cloud Remote Control

2-way Ethernet Relay Network Switch Delay TCPUDP Module Controller WeChat Cloud Remote Control


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There are 4 options for you to choose, please click the picture to take a order. (Please make sure the picture box is selected, prices vary widely, so as not to cause unnecessary misunderstanding.):


SR-201 Series Iot module:
1. Industrial-grade STC MCU +ENC28J60+ stable firmware supports 6 network connections in TCP server mode, and also provides UDP control mode and realizes cloud remote control function
2. The control instruction is very simple, string mode send 11 to open the first relay, send 21 to close the first relay, 11* instruction the first relay inching, 11K instruction simulate the first local key (only for the model with local key ), 11:10 the first line open 10 seconds automatic close (delay support 1-65535 seconds); Send 00 returns the status of all channels
3. Fully support secondary development, local connection, cloud remote control, PC and mobile terminal have demonstration programs and source code, provide module configuration program, timing program DLL package, easy to integrate the configuration functions
4. Hardware is extensible. The pin arrangement on the module can connect real clock, 485, Bluetooth, 2.4Ghz...
5. 8 - bit simplified instruction system has powerful functions, low development costs, function customization has a price advantage

Module Features:

Industrial grade STC microcontroller as the main control chip
On-board 2-way high-quality relay, relay with absorbing diode circuit
With 1 power indicator, each relay has a status indicator, the light is on and the relay is closed
The relay module can be extended to reach 8 outputs, note: the relay module should be active high
Module parameters can be configured through the network, such as module IP address, default gateway, etc.
Keep the relay state before power down (configurable)
Controlled via internet, cloud remote control is protected by local password, safe and reliable
Support 5-24V input voltage, choose one of 2 power terminals
1.6mm thick PCB is made of military grade FR-4 sheet, PCB size is 70mm X 50mm, with reserved mounting holes

Supply voltage: DC5-24V
Power supply method: 3pcs no. 5 batteries/USB port/mobile phone charger /portable power source
PCB size: length 70mm x width 50mm
Weight: 51 grams

Interface Description:

+5V: +5V power supply positive, input or output
GND: power ground, input or output
P30 ÔÇô P35: CH3 ÔÇô CH8 control line, active high
CLR: Short circuit CLR and power on the module to restore factory settings
Blue terminal: Connect to user load, you can use 220V AC equipment, or DC equipment less than 30V, the current of the equipment cannot exceed the standard load of the relay. Each relay has a normally open contact, a normally closed contact and a common contact. When the relay is closed, the common contact and the normally open contact conduct; when the relay is released, the common contact and the normally closed contact conduct Pass.

Function Description:

WeChat remote control function has been fully online, immediately follow WeChat public number 'cloud remote control', through WeChat remote control of your equipment!
It controls the absorption and release of the 2-way relay through Ethernet network and Internet, and can extend the relay module to 8-way output from the pin laying outside. The module supports TCP, UDP and cloud remote control. The instructions are simple and easy to understand. The 1-65535 second delay can be specified in the instructions. The cloud remote control public service platform is free to use permanently, the control is protected by the local password, the operation is safe and reliable. Module with VB, upper computer program and source code, to help you easily achieve computer remote control. TCP and cloud remote control can query the status of all relays. In addition, after each instruction is processed, the module will return the current status of all relays. UDP mode has no status query or other return, the code is extremely simple, easy to embed in various applications.
Fully support secondary development, open TCP, UDP control protocol, cloud remote secondary development package provides SOAP Web Service API interface and RESTful Web Service API interface.

Operation method:

Factory setting of the module is:

IP address

Network parameters can be configured over the network

default gateway

subnet mask

TCP port


The service port of the module cannot be configured

UDP port


Module parameters can be configured through the network. The configuration interface is as follows. If the configuration tool cannot connect the module due to incorrect network parameters, the factory Settings can be restored by short-connecting the CLR jumper and powering up the module.

Package included:

1 x 2-way Ethernet relay network switch delay
1 x Shell (optional)
1 x Power supply(optional)