What is Shopify SEO? How is it done?

The Shopify site, which has not fallen off the agenda in recent years, is one of the most useful platforms for people who want to trade online. Through this platform, companies or sole proprietorships can earn significant profits. However, those who want to open an online store on Shopify should first have detailed information about the Shopify SEO guide. So what is Shopify SEO? How is it done? If you are looking for detailed information on this subject, now you can learn the tips.

Shopify SEO Definition

Shopify SEO is the name given to all of the search engine optimization studies for e-commerce pages prepared with the template language called Liquid. On the other hand, Shopify SEO differs slightly from general SEO in that it includes its own special techniques. This development, which was first released in 2004, is preferred by SEO experts who want to do e-commerce today.

With Shopify SEO software, e-commerce sites can be set up simply. With the SEO studies created in the software, it is aimed to attract more customers to the e-commerce site. In addition, product sales are increased and the highest efficiency expected from the site is obtained. Thanks to the Shopify SEO work done correctly, the display order of the opened e-commerce page in the search engines increases. In addition, SEO studies contribute to the growth and profit of the e-commerce site.

Shopify SEO Advantages Shopify-based e-commerce pages provide many advantages thanks to Shopify SEO services. We can list these advantages as follows:

  • First of all, it rank higher in search engines.
  • The number of customers increases.
  • Product sales may increase.
  • The high ranking of the site in search engines proves that the e-commerce brand is more reliable.
  • Thanks to the correct and effective SEO studies, advertising costs are reduced.
  • Shopify SEO services are also effective in mobile optimization studies. In this way, shopping can be done on mobile devices such as tablets and mobile phones.
  • Site speed increases. In this way, customer losses are prevented.

Different from other SEO systems, Shopify SEO is more preferred because of the important advantages it provides for e-commerce stores.


How to Make Shopify SEO Settings?

“How to do e-commerce SEO?” We already answered the question. “How to set SEO settings from Shopify?” Before answering the question, as in other SEO processes, the e-commerce site should be analyzed first. After that, the page should be carefully studied. The stages of Shopify SEO settings and how to do it are as follows:

shopify seo settings


Keyword Research

Keyword selection is very important in the success of SEO work on the Shopify site. That's why Shopify e-commerce sites spend a lot of time on keyword analysis. On the other hand, when using keywords, it is most important to place the words in the right places instead of placing them all over the website. The important point here will be to make the right keyword choices for the articles on the website. When choosing the right keywords, the words that appear as automatic suggestions in comprehensive search engines such as Google should be taken into account. In this way, customers can find the keywords they are looking for on the site. Thus, it is possible to increase the number of views of the site.


Selecting Page Titles and Descriptions

Among the most important ranking factors of an e-commerce store set up on the Shopify site are the title of the page and the description sections on the page. Both the title and description should have keywords related to the content on the page. Thanks to the correctly chosen titles and descriptions, the views will be higher in search engines.


Placing Keywords in the Page

The keywords selected for the page should be placed on the pages to be added beforehand. Separate and correct keywords should be chosen for the main page, separately for the product pages, and for the category pages. For example, on a Shopify e-commerce site that sells women's clothing, the keyword "women's tracksuits" should be placed in the women's sportswear category. So the right keyword will be in the right place.


Improvement of Page Navigation

One of the first steps to check in Shopify SEO website rankings is how many crawls the page has. This is because websites with a high number of crawls appeal to more users. So the better the number of crawls the website has, the better the Shopify store ranking. The home page of the website is where navigation views are best seen. Therefore, product pages should be placed on the home page. Thus, easier access to products is provided.


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