How to protect mental health?

Health is defined as a state of physical, mental and social well-being. This is a very general definition. Not every symptom is a disease, if we consider every symptom as a disease, we cannot say that anyone is healthy.

Mental health is more difficult to define. Mental health is being in harmony and balance with oneself and other people. This harmony is not dependent on strict rules, but carries variability and flexibility to a certain extent. The question immediately comes to mind, what kind of characteristics does a person with mental health have.

  • Being in harmony with oneself, being away from long-lasting delusions, anxiety, fears and doubts.
  • The person should be able to establish a healthy relationship and communication with the near and far environment.
  • A person should respect, love and be a loved person respected, except for close and distant relationships.
  • He should be self-confident, be able to evaluate and accept himself with his abilities, characteristics, pluses and minuses according to the group.
  • He must have a place in society, do business, succeed and be happy with his achievements, strive to achieve better.
  • They should have realistic plans for the future, try to reach them, and if they cannot reach these goals, they should be able to make new plans to replace them.
  • He should not be discouraged by the obstacles he encounters, he should have the strength to cope with them.
  • Must be capable of independent decision making and implementation.
  • He should have beliefs and value judgments that are in harmony with the society he is in.
  • The person should have the ability to do everything on time, have fun, rest, participate in social activities, and spare time for self-development.

Sigmund Freud defines mental health as "loving and working". A person who can truly love, share and work is maintaining their mental health. Perhaps Goethe's definition of a mature person can also be accepted as a definition of a mentally healthy person. Because "A mature person is a person who can laugh at himself." says.

Likewise, "The person who can protect his mental health is the person who can laugh at himself." it can be tried. Mental health may change, deteriorate, or settle down when conditions improve. It is not possible to evaluate people as healthy and unhealthy in terms of mental health, such as black and white.