Minimum wage is going up in 23 states as $15 an hour gains steam. Is your state one of them?

Over the past year, historically strong wage growth hasn’t kept pace with skyrocketing inflation, leaving millions of low- to middle-income Americans struggling to pay their bills.

Starting New Year’s Day, the lowest-paid workers will make up a good chunk of that lost ground.

Twenty-one states and 41 cities and counties are poised to raise their minimum wages on or about Jan. 1, according to a report provided exclusively to USA TODAY by the National Employment Law Project (NELP), a worker advocacy group.

Two states, Massachusetts and Washington, will reach a $15 hourly pay floor for the first time, joining California and much of New York.

Because some governments will act later in the year, a total 27 states and 59 cities and counties – a record 86 jurisdictions – will increase their base pay sometime in 2023, according to NELP.

“The movement to raise wages continues to gain momentum,” said Yannet Lathrop, NELP’s senior researcher and policy analyst.