5 Ways to Customize Your Oversize Clothing Style

Plenty of airy pieces in your wardrobe can be a savior for you on many days. Oversize clothing is a combination of style and comfort. It is no surprise that many fashion icons fall in love with this fashion. The latest fashion shows have showcased the return of this trend.


If you know how to wear oversize, no matter how curvy or thin you are, you can still keep up with the oversize fashion. Although oversize clothing style is very comfortable, spacious and compatible with different body shapes, it is actually very difficult to create a style without looking a little sloppy. You might need a little help with this style, where you can look incredibly cool if the right choices are made. Therefore, in this article, we will take a closer look at the oversize clothing fashion, which is also frequently preferred in hijab clothing, and offer ideas for this style, which has an important place in women's clothing.

1. An Important Rule for Oversize Clothing Style: Create a Balance

First of all, dressing loose doesn't mean dressing completely neatly, remember that. It is possible to wear an oversized shirt or a loose coat and still look very stylish. Now, keep this general rule in mind: If you're wearing an oversized top (shirts, jackets, sweaters…), keep the rest of your outfit pretty normal and fit without being too baggy. Even if you are wearing an oversized bottom (trousers, skirt, jogger…), the same is true for the opposite, and this time you should not choose too loose pieces in your top clothing. Try to create a balance this way.


2.Rescue Pieces for Easy Daily Combinations

We may not have the same energy to make combinations every day. Some days it can be quite relaxing to save the day with the pieces we call just put on and take off. For such situations, we can take a look at the savior pieces for easy daily combinations. Oversize Shirt Models are at the forefront of these savior pieces.

Combining an oversized shirt, which is a very stylish and frequently preferred piece in hijab clothing, is quite simple. If you are new to oversize clothing fashion, it may be more suitable for you to enter this world with oversize shirts, which are easier to combine. A great way to pair these shirts well is to pair them with jeans. Also, choosing a white sneaker will be a nice finishing touch.

Oversize Fashion Style Clothes

3.How Should I Choose the Right Size for Oversize Clothing?

Considering the different size policies of brands, it can sometimes be difficult to find the right size in women's clothing. When it comes to oversized clothing, if you're a thin woman, feel free to choose any oversized clothing you want. It may be one or two sizes larger. But on the other hand, an oversized piece of clothing often adds style and originality to your look, no matter how oversized. For curvy women, it is better to choose your full size. Such clothes can be preferred with stylish belts to emphasize the waist.

4.Can Oversize Clothing be Preferred in Winter?

5 Ways To Customize Your Oversize Clothing Style

In winter, it would be more correct to turn to oversize outerwear pieces. An 
oversized cashmere coat, coat, raincoat or vest can be good choices. Remember to create balance. In hijab clothing, if you have purchased a loose outerwear piece such as a cap, the ideal combination for this is tight trousers. If you like sports style, choose an oversize vest in any neutral color for yourself, complete the combination with jeans and sneakers. Also, oversized shirts, sweaters and knitwear are very fashionable. You can choose them in primary colors and with stylish accessories.

5. Which Colors Are Best in Oversize Clothing Fashion?

Neutral and pastel colors are the most popular in this style: white, black, gray and all shades of beige. You should be careful with bright colors because an eye-catching plus-size piece of clothing can catch anyone's attention and be too eye-catching. In this case, everyone only sees your oversized outfit and all the other pieces of your wardrobe are lost. An oversized shirt dress combined with an oversized knitwear can look great.