A Model that Adjusts the Difficulty of a Computer Game to the Emotions of the Player

In order to give players a good experience, the difficulty in a computer game needs to be adjusted appropriately. In their new work, Korean scientists have developed a new approach in which players’ emotions are estimated with the help of in-game data and the difficulty level is adjusted to maximize player satisfaction. The researchers’ work […]

The Science of Turkish Coffee

Turkish coffee and its special preparation are one of the oldest coffee traditions in the world, dating back to the beginning of the 16th century and the Ottoman empire (especially the southern Yemen region). People in the Middle East and southern Mediterranean regions were drinking coffee long before the Americans. But this ancient coffee is […]

How Can Space Stay Cold When The Sun Is So Hot?

Space is a cold place. It’s also very cold. In fact, there is no such thing as the temperature of empty space. We can only talk about the temperature of an object if it is there. According to science, heat is a measure of how mobile objects are. Hot objects move fast, cold objects move […]

Is Corn a Fruit, Vegetable, or Grain?

We’ve all been wondering, “Is a tomato a fruit or a vegetable?” (Correct answer: Yes, tomatoes are a fruit, but you still shouldn’t put tomatoes in a fruit salad.) Now we’re here with a whole new botanical question you didn’t even know existed: Is corn a fruit, vegetable, or grain? The answer to this question […]